The Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing
1. Embrace the nature – CRIPAC springing tour  (2018-04-18)
2. Congratulations on Professor Tieniu Tan successfully elected as a standing committee member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee  (2018-03-15)
3. The IEEE Macau Section is Welcome to Visit CRIPAC, CASIA  (2017-05-08)
4. IEEE WIE Forum on “Career Planning towards Success for Female Engineering”  (2017-03-13)
5. "Flying dream, sharing youth" Green Riding — IEEE WIE UCAS Student Branch  (2017-03-03)
6. Dr. Jing Dong Received the 2016 IBM Faculty Award  (2016-10-29)
7. The 21st International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP 2016) Was Successfully Held in Beijing International Conference Center  (2016-10-21)
8. IEEE WIE UCAS Student Branch Education Forum Successfully Held  (2016-10-20)
9. Tieniu Tan was awarded an honorary doctorate by York University  (2016-08-01)
10. Doctor Nianfeng Liu won “Best Student Paper Award” in the 9th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics (ICB)   (2016-07-05)
11. Tieniu Tan was selected as Corresponding Member of Brazil Academy of Sciences  (2016-05-18)
12. 3rd Forum on Big Image and Video Data organized by CRIPAC was held in Beijing  (2015-10-23)
13. CRIPAC Won the "Digital Cup" Basketball League  (2015-07-11)
14. Mr. Peihao Huang won ICPR 2014 Best Student Paper  (2014-09-02)
15. Prof. Liang Wang was awarded IAPR Fellow   (2014-09-02)
16. Dr. Wei Wang et al. won CVPR 2014 Workshop Best Paper   (2014-07-01)
17. Prof. Tieniu Tan was elected as CAS academician  (2013-12-19)
18. CCF Advanced Disciplines Lectures “Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition” was held successfully  (2012-05-23)
19. CCTV news: public safety guards from NLPR  (2012-04-01)
20. Prof. Liang Wang won the SCOPUS New Scientist Silver Award  (2012-03-18)

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