The Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing

The Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing (CRIPAC) is affiliated to the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Focusing on the theory and technology of intelligent perception and computing,the Center aims at conducting cutting-edge researchand applications, and strivesto build a world-class research organization in terms of personnel training, technological innovation and technology transfer. Currently, the research area of CRIPAC is mainly focused onIntelligent Sensing Foundation, Biologically-Inspired Intelligent Computing, Biometrics and Forensics, and Multimodal Intelligent Computing. 
The Center currently has21faculty members including 1 CAS academician, 4 National “Ten-thousand Talents Program” recipients,2NSFC Distinguished YouthFundawardeesand 1NSFC Excellent YouthFund winner, 1 Beijing Distinguished YouthFund awardee.These research faculty members are supported by a total of 39administrative and technical staff members,and around 121researchers including post-doctoral research fellows, PhD and MSc students, visiting scholars and internstudents. 
The Center has a large number of quality publications including 1155 journal and conference papers, and more than 200 patents. CRIPAC also has won many prestigiousnational and international awards in recent years, including the Second Prize of the National Award for Technology Invention, the Second Prize of the NationalAward for Science & Technology Progress, the Second Prize of the National Award for Natural Science, the First Prize of the Beijing Science and Technology andso on. Moreover, CRIPACachieves the best performance on several world-leading competitions, e.g., champions of object detection in PASCAL VOC 2010 and 2011,and the first place in a series of NICE competitions.

Organizational Structure:


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