Face Recognition Based on SVM Optimized by the Improved Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm


Support vector machine (SVM) is always used for face recognition. However, kernel function selection (kernel selection and its parameters selection) is a key problem for SVMs, and it is difficult. This paper tries to make some contributions to this problem with focus on optimizing the parameters in the selected kernel function. Bacterial foraging optimization algorithm, inspired by the social foraging behavior of Escherichia coli, has been widely accepted as a global optimization algorithm of current interest for distributed optimization and control. Therefore, we proposed to optimize the parameters in SVM by an improved bacterial foraging optimization algorithm (IBFOA). In the improved version of bacterial foraging optimization algorithm, a dynamical elimination-dispersal probability in the elimination-dispersal step and a dynamical step size in the chemotactic step are used to improve the performance of bacterial foraging optimization algorithm. Then the optimized SVM is used for face recognition. Simultaneously, an improved local binary pattern is proposed to extract features of face images in this paper to improve the accuracy rate of face recognition. Numerical results show the advantage of our algorithm over a range of existing algorithms.

International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence